The power of reliability

Have you ever wished to thank your internal staff for a job well done, or perhaps encourage third party suppliers to sell your product more extensively and thus increase sales? In addition, would you like to compel your client to spread the word for an entire year of how your company organized their deluxe trip?

Well, that is what incentive trips are for…

An incentive trips offers benefits to both your employees and to the business.

Below are some of our key strengths and reasons why you should consider Promo Tours for your next incentive.

  • Dedicated product team for destination and market research
  • Product / venue sourcing
  • Discovering unexplored options for events / programs
  • Fresh ideas
  • Inspect product / services
  • Customized proposals meeting all your requirements
  • Competitive prices making it affordable yet a unique experience
  • Reliable ground services
  • Global network to deliver quality controlled services